I'd rather have you.Cursed or not.

Hey there lovely!
I'm Vicky,I'm 17 and I'm from Greece.

*multifandom blog but mostly supernatural and other things i like*

I hope your day is wonderful so far.<3

also,feel free to ask anything
[that means talk to me ok]
"Make all your decisions based on how hilarious it would be if you did it."
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me when i cumĀ 


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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers (x)

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"If you could be anyone, would you choose to be yourself?"
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me: i hate the radio so much, they just play the same songs over and over

*listens to the same album 9 times in a row*

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"I wish more people cared about the earth as much as they cared about who they believed created it."
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