I'd rather have you.Cursed or not.

Hey there lovely!
I'm Vicky,I'm 17 and I'm from Greece.

I hope your day is wonderful so far.<3
"You don’t ever really let go, though. You don’t stop. You don’t stop hurting, you don’t stop loving. It doesn’t go away, you just keep living and eventually things get pushed into the background of your life so it’s not consuming you every day. And then one day you know you’re okay. It still hurts, you still miss that person. And yeah, you forget the details. The way she smelled, the way her mouth tasted, how her skin felt, the sound of her voice. It’s almost like a different life, a different person that loved her, was with her. But on a day-to-day level, you know you’re okay. Sort of."
Jasinda Wilder, Falling Into You (via perfect)

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"So much of her time spent like this: dreaming up things to say and never quite saying them."
Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin  (via perfect)

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